Online Registration


Online Registration

  • Customized Registration Solutions
  • DIY Registration (Currently in development – Coming Soon)
Multisoft offers state-of-the-art customized registration solutions to suit your exact needs. We are able to closely match the registration requirements to your organizations business logic.

Customized Registration Solutions

We’ll make it simple for your delegates to register by streamlining the entire process and thereby saving you valuable time. Our online solutions can provide you with:
  • Limits and Waitlists for sessions/activities with a limited number of seats.
  • Built-in badge preview screens so your attendees can see what their badge is going to look like.
  • Language translation – application which automatically translates your registration into any other language.
  • Easy integration with any type of Payment Gateway and Membership System.
  • Individual and Group Registration options.
  • Automated confirmation emails and transaction receipts.
  • The ability to send unlimited email broadcasts to help make marketing efforts easier.
  • Real-Time capturing and tracking of all event data (registrations, accreditation, sessions, activities, etc.)
  • Robust reporting that can be easily shared and stored online.
  • Access to the system by an unlimited number of users at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.
  • Varying security levels for administrators can be set.


Multisoft has integrated with dozens of providers over the years. We can integrate through your providers API to push and pull information in real-time from one database to the other.
  • – Makes it extremely convenient to verify members are in good standing at the time of registration.
  • – Easily extract and send back data to your AMS or mobile app provider.

Reg in a Box – DIY Registration

We are currently working on a brand new DIY registration system so stay new program that will allow you to easily design and create your very own registration.

Onsite Registration, Badge Printing and Attendance Tracking – add details, coming up

All our modules are built into one complete system which draws information from one central database – allowing you to remain informed with Real-Time data. Our onsite solutions include:
  • Registration training, technical support provided by a Multisoft team member.
  • Quick scan check in stations for delegates with their confirmation page.
  • Self service terminals for onsite registrations.
  • Session scanning for attendance and continuing education credits.
  • Badge printing – either preprinted or print on-demand.
  • Thermal printers to print on plastic badge stock – no more need for plastic badge holders with a plastic stock.

  • Multisoft’s attendance tracking technology is a powerful solution that offers numerous features and benefits to you and your delegates, including :
  • Ability to track delegate attendance using various technologies such as RFID or QR/Aztec bar codes.
  • Real-Time session tracking for an unlimited number of concurrent sessions.
  • Ability to “police” sessions so that unqualified attendees cannot access specific meeting activities.
  • Ready to get the best solution for your business?