Accreditation Management



  • The PM team at Multisoft will work with your Education department to ensure the accreditation is a success
  • The goal is to make it as seamless and easy as possible for your attendees to navigate through the site
  • PM’s will provide staff training, support and will be your main point of contact for everything related to your accreditation

Credit Calculation

Some highlighted features are:

  • Generation of standard proof of attendance certificates which populate with delegate and conference information
  • Generation of CEU certificates which outline the sessions a delegate attended with session name, date, length, and total credits awarded
  • Supports multiple credit types
  • Administrative management makes it easy for conference organizers to update credits in real time
  • Supports multiple credit types (general, ethics, professional, etc.)
  • Calculates credits based on logic determined by you. Can include length in session or in/out scans, among others

Session Scanning Options

TMG’s attendance tracking technology is a powerful solution that offers numerous features and benefits to you and your delegates, including :

  • Ability to track delegate attendance using various technologies such as 1D, 2D, and RFID

  • Real-Time session tracking for an unlimited number of concurrent sessions

  • Ability to “police” sessions so that unqualified attendees cannot access specific meeting activities



Attendee feedback is an important part to ensuring the success of future meetings. We offer this service to our customers who use the information in a multitude of ways. Some features of our survey applications include :

  • Overall conference evaluations – designed to get an overall picture of how the attendee benefited from the meeting
  • Session-specific evaluations – designed to target the sessions in which the attendee participated. These surveys are often used to gather feedback on specific session topics and speakers.

Surveys can vary in format and include multiple question styles, including :

  • Rating scale questions
  • Open text questions
  • Yes/No style questions

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