Abstract Submission

Our abstract management module gives you the utmost in flexibility. Our solutions are catered to suit your unique needs and were architected in conjunction with individuals like you. Together we can help you achieve success by customizing your abstract and speaker management solutions to your specific set of business rules and logic.

  • Implementation of rules to allow people or groups of people to submit an unlimited number of abstracts or restrict the number of abstracts to a limit set by you
  • Ability to collect data in specific formats including special characters and/or scientific symbols
  • Ability to collect data for multiple authors/contributors as well as presenter information
  • Option to save and edit abstracts at a later time to submit for final review at a later time
  • Automatic email confirmations are sent after each submission which includes a unique link that allows the submitter(s) to login and access their submission
  • The system gives you the ability to setup automatic email messages to remind individuals/presenters/authors to complete and submit their abstracts within a specific time frame
  • The flexibility to accept uploads in a multitude of different formats

Abstract Review

  • Scoring system is completely flexible including :
    • Pass or fail
    • Number rating - example: 1-10
    • Percentage based system
    • Cumulative averages from all judges/reviewers
    • Fully blinded reviews
  • Reviewers/judges can be assigned to abstracts based on theme/category
  • Reviewers/judges have the ability to enter comments on each submission
  • Reviewers/Judges can request changes to submissions; automatic emails are generated notifying the submitters of the suggested changes in order for the submission to be accepted.
  • Reviewers/Judges are automatically notified of new changes when papers are re-submitted.
  • System gives you the ability to merge two abstracts into one.

Speaker Management

Our online speaker management module is designed to make life easier for you and save you valuable time. Our system gives you the ability to upload speaker information into the database and the flexibility to send email invites to those potential speakers. Speakers are given a secure login page where they complete and enter their required information. Information includes (but is not limited to) :

  • Contact information/Special requests
  • Faculty Agreement Waivers
  • Disclosure Forms
  • Speaker Objectives
  • Speaker Bio’s and CV’s
  • Travel Information
  • Hotel Request
  • Ability to upload presentation slide
  • Audio/Visual Needs

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